Ludwig defends Logan Paul amid pet pig drama: “Put the pitchforks down”

Ludwig Mogul MailYouTube: Mogul Mail

Ludwig has defended Logan Paul after a California animal sanctuary posted a video claiming his former pet pig Pearl was found abandoned in a field with injuries.

The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary posted a TikTok video on January 9, showing a pig they rescued, claiming it was “purchased originally from a breeder by an influencer” and was found abandoned in a field.

Netizens quickly figured out that it was Pearl, Logan Paul‘s pet pig that he purchased back in 2018 and featured in a variety of vlogs and Instagram posts, slamming the YouTuber for abandoning the animal.

Logan quickly confirmed that it was in fact Pearl, revealing that he rehomed the pet in 2020 before moving to Puerto Rico and that the ranch he rehomed her to had given the pig to someone else.

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Ludwig has now chimed in the conversation, defending Logan in a recent Mogul Mail video.

Ludwig defends Logan Paul amid Pet Pig drama

In a Mogul Mail video on January 10, Ludwig shared his thoughts on Logan Paul’s recent pet pig drama.

Despite being critical of Logan’s involvement with CryptoZoo recently, Lud was quick to defend the influencer after Logan posted his side of the pet-pig story.

“You know, I feel like it’s okay to put the pitchforks down on this one. Like, if he did rehome to a better spot and then those people did not rehome to a good spot I can understand that,” he explained.

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“He also did move to Puerto Rico, I don’t know how hard it is to get a pig there. I would say getting a pig at the onset of it all was a bit of a mistake…but he did…But I wouldn’t blame him for what ended up happening.”

(Topic starts at 6:40 in video)

Ludwig has had a fair share of words for Logan regarding his recent CryptoZoo controversy, calling him “a total narcissist” after his response to CoffeeZilla blew the YouTuber’s redemption trail.

Just days ago, Logan Paul apologized to CoffeeZilla for threatening legal action, and promised to take accountability for the CryptoZoo “scam” but nothing has been done or said since.

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