Oxygen Esports clutch up for huge Ludwig x Tarik Invitational 2 win

Daniel Appleford
Oxygen Esports win Ludwig x Tarik invitational

Oxygen Esports won the Ludwig X Tarik Invitational 2 by getting revenge on Moist X Shopify from the lower bracket.

The final off-season event went out with a bang by pitting two Ascendant teams against two VCT Americas teams. However, the difference in tiers was no factor in this tournament.

Cloud9 and 100 Thieves from the Americas took 0-2 losses against the Ascendant counterpart. Both teams moving on meant that at least one Ascendant team would be represented in the finals.

While Moist x Shopify looked good in the beginning, it was Oxygen who took the game one step further to win it.

Oxygen Esports come out on top at Ludwig x Tarik Invitational

Moist X Shopify started out hot by knocking Cloud9 to the lower bracket early. Then, shortly after defeating Oxygen Esports to secure their spot in the final.

Oxygen made the run back up the bracket to the finals for a rematch against Moist X Shopify. Except this time around, it was Oxgen who had the upper hand from eliminating Cloud9 earlier in the day. The practice proved useful in their 3-(2) win to take home the trophy and the $30,000.

“It felt good,” said Oxygen’s Reduxx. “MXS always pushes us to our limits, so we’re playing really well on that Sunset match and not falling apart. That was so good. It makes me so happy.”

This is the team’s third tournament win since forming after winning the Knights Forge LAN, For Those Who Dare tournament, Sean Gares Showdown, and now the Ludwig X Tarik Invitational 2.

With three wins under their belts, they will be hungry to compete against the other Ascendent teams. But they will still have a few weeks of practice before official matches begin in February.