Logan Paul thanks rescuers who saved pig he rehomed two years ago

Logan Paul on Impaulsive podcastYouTube: Impaulsive

Less than a day after Logan Paul’s former pig, Pearl, was found abandoned in a field, the popular influencer emailed the rescuer, thanking them for taking her in. He also revealed that he rehomed her in 2020.

On January 9, 2023, The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, California, posted a TikTok video showing an injured and unhealthy pig that they claim “was purchased originally from a breeder by an influencer.”

Speculation quickly rose that it was Pearl, Logan Paul’s pet pig that he purchased as a baby alongside ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennett in 2018.

Logan Paul has since confirmed it was his former pet that he rehomed in 2020, thanked the rescuer for taking her in, and has offered to help with her care within the facility.

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Logan Paul emails rescue org that found his former pet pig

Thanks to TMZ, we know that Logan Paul emailed The Gentle Barn and provided more information about the situation.

“With every ounce of gratitude I have, thank you,” he started the email. “When I moved to Puerto Rico in April of 2020, she was unable to come with me so she was rehomed at a horse ranch in Santa Clarita.”

To his understanding, the elder Paul brother then explained that the ranch owner moved and rehomed Pearl to the farmer across the street from them — who then called The Gentle Barn to pick her up.

“I thought she was at a good home, but regardless, she is now, and I’d like to contribute to her care again,” he added. He also updated his fans on Twitter, explaining that he lived at the horse ranch for 10 months before being rehomed again.

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Logan Paul tells his side of the story in new interview

Speaking with TMZ, Logan spoke out further on the incident, explaining how Pearl was “not at the home” that he had “dropped her off at,” a location that Paul reveals he visited when finding a new home for the animal.

“So apparently that Ranch owner moved to Nevada and could not take Pearl with her”, began Logan, before going on to add, “so that Ranch owner gave Pearl to the farmer across the street, and then to my understanding, that farmer called The Gentle Barn to come pick her up.”

TMZ then asked the content creator about the backlash he faced surrounding the news and how the internet was quick to call him out on his alleged mistreatment of Pearl.

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“The verbiage they used was ‘she was irresponsibly re-homed’ so the first thing I did was I checked myself. I said wait a second, was she irresponsibly re-homed by me? Absolutely not. She was put in an amazing home where she lived an amazing life for ten months.”

Before ending the interview with TMZ, Logan did reveal that he does “want to reunite with Pearl if The Gentle Barn will have me, if they’ll accept a donation from me.”