xQc slams Hasan amid break-up drama: “Friends don’t do that”

xQc and HasanTwitch: xQc/ Hasan

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit out after his fellow streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker shared his thoughts over his break-up with Adept.

xQc and Adept found themselves surrounded by drama on September 16 when the former couple got into a heated argument in front of approximately 125,000 Twitch viewers during his livestream.

Various streamers throughout the community have since shared their take on the drama, including Hasan who argued xQc could have handled the situation better in the lead-up to his absence from Shitcamp 2022.

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Although, Hasan’s views were a step too far for xQc who fired out at the 31-year-old, branding him a “snake” for supposedly spreading misinformation about him backing out of Shitcamp at the last minute, not knowing it was partly related to his split from Adept.

xQc calls Hasan a “snake” for Shitcamp absence comments

xQc was watching a clip from Hasan in which he claimed the Canadian streamer should have originally explained that he couldn’t attend Shitcamp 2022 due to “family issues.”

Instead, Hasan assumed it was so he could do gambling streams and posted a series of tweets slamming him for bailing out of the streaming event. However, as soon as he learned the real reason, he claimed the party would have been more “understanding” if he’d been more honest about his absence.

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Although, it was still not enough for xQc who slammed Hasan for his comments: “[Those tweets] sent everybody against me and he knew it would and also friends don’t f**king do that.”

xQc stressed that it wasn’t the size of the call out but he was more upset over the fact that “a friend would intend the worse” and “put words into [his] mouth” supposedly “on purpose.”

“Why? Why would you do that,” he asked. “That is the definition that everyone would agree on of what we call a snake.”

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xQc attempted to play games with his friends throughout the remainder of his livestream.

Although, with the topic still continuing to dominate the streaming community, it’s likely the drama is far from over.

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