Love Island’s Olivia blasted after ‘forgetting’ Kai’s name in Casa Amor

Love Island OliviaInstagram: Love Island

Love Island star Olivia Hawkins has been blasted on Twitter by viewers after ‘forgetting’ Kai Fagan’s name at Casa Amor during Monday’s episode.

Olivia and her current partner Kai have been ‘coupled up’ in the villa for the past two weeks but are currently unlikely to win the show. As a result, the ring girl might be interested in finding another partner.

Olivia recently revealed that finance student Maxwell Samuda, 23, who is one of the new boys from Casa Amor, is ‘definitely’ her type.

Fans penned their frustration over the 27-year-old’s antics after meeting the fresh new men!

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Love Island viewers blast Olivia for forgetting Kai

Casa Amor is Love Island‘s test which sees the original islanders split up for a few days as the boys are introduced to six new girls and the girls meet six new boys.

During this time, they will get to know their new islanders and at the end of the test, they will get to decide if they want to couple up with a new bombshell or stick with their original partner, but they won’t know if their partner has chosen to do the same until everyone is back in the main villa.

Olivia was clearly in the mood to explore a new coupling with Maxwell, leaving Kai in the cold. But her treatment of Kai left a sour taste in viewersmouths.

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But it’s not as if Olivia was alone. The girls agreed to crack on with the new boys in Casa Amor during the episode.

Tanya did not shy away from sharing her drama with the new hunky boys about her current partner Shaq and was very happy to be in the other villa as she chatted with the new boy Martin.

Samie, who is coupled up with Tom, even said, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!” as the ladies gathered to discuss their plans of action. Will’s couple Jessie then added that they should act how they want in Casa Amor and “deal with the consequences at a later date.”

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