Love Island’s Aaron Waters under fire for body-shaming and bullying ex

Love Island Aaron CourtneyITV, TikTok: _courtneystubbs

After joining Love Island UK, Aaron Waters’ ex from the Australian version has come out to discuss his behavior towards her.

Things have gotten hotter on this season of Love Island, as two more cast members are preparing to leave the villa on the upcoming episode.

To replace them, the show is bringing in a couple of ringers, specifically former cast members from Love Island Australia.

Season 2’s Jessie Wynter and Season 3 runner-up Aaron Waters will enter the villa soon, and promos for their arrival have already aired. This had led for one former Love Island Australia member to call out how Waters treated her on the show.

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Courtney calls out Aaron for behavior on Love Island Australia

Aaron’s fellow Season 3 contestant and initial partner Courtney Stubbs took to TikTok ahead of the latest episode of Love Island UK to detail how he had, according to her, “skin-shamed” and “body-shamed” her throughout her time on the show.

On the first day, Courtney recalled how Aaron commented about how he liked “clean girls. You know, take care of the skin and like skincare.” He also commented on her weight, saying he liked girls who “go to the gym.”

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Courtney revealed that she had begun a new skincare regimen before going on the show, so these comments were particularly hurtful and hit on some existing vulnerabilities. “I literally bawled my eyes out the whole first morning,” she said on the video while crying.

But, according to Courtney, the issues with Aaron went beyond him simply not having an initial attraction to her. She says that Aaron bullied her, constantly telling her to “shut up” or “f*ck off,” and that he told other male castmates not to pursue a relationship with her.

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In the new promo video, Aaron said that the first girl he coupled up with on Love Island Australia – meaning Courtney – was his “least favorite.”

It appears this unprovoked jab, which falls into a pattern of behavior since leaving the Love Island Australia villa, is what spurred Courtney to finally address this behavior.

If you want to keep up with the action as it unfolds, find out when the newest episode will be airing.

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