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Logan Paul under fire for “insensitive” coronavirus Instagram post

Published: 30/Jan/2020 13:44 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 18:23

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has come under fire once again after a photo posted to Instagram seemed to insensitively comment on the coronavirus epidemic currently plaguing China and the wider world.

The coronavirus has already laid claim to at least 132 lives in China as well as almost 10,000 confirmed cases of the disease, according to the Chinese National Health Commission.


The virus has spread to countless other countries across the world, including across Europe and in the USA, which has led to worldwide concern – as well as memes and jokes being made, as expected from the internet.

YouTube: imPaulsive
Paul has been come under fire for his “insensitive” post.

Logan, though, had managed to stay out of controversy for a while, but an Instagram post published on January 28 has seen him put himself back into the limelight for the wrong reasons.


The picture sees a topless Paul surrounded by Instagram models and adult film actress Riley Reid, on what appears to be a private jet, wearing gas masks and looking very comfortable in each other’s company.

The caption for the post read a very simple “f**k the coronavirus” which, while a sentiment most probably agree with, was accused of being insensitive when paired with the image attached.


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f**k the corona virus

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What Paul thought was probably just a lighthearted post turned out to be actually quite the opposite, and the YouTube star has been slammed for it by fans and non-fans alike.


Though there were some in the comments claiming the post was “hot” or laughing at it, several called Logan out on it. One commenter reminded him that “people are dying,” while another said it is “nothing to joke about” and that the star “never learns.”

Logan has not yet commented on the backlash to his post, which remains on his Instagram. Though he likely had no malicious intent when posting originally, he may reconsider these types of social media posts in the future.

Some of Logan’s followers clearly weren’t impressed by the post.

Logan has clearly been trying to clean up his image since the now-infamous ‘suicide forest’ video, something he discussed when recording podcast episodes with Russell Brand in January 2020.


Whether he takes this backlash as a learning experience – or even addresses it at all – remains to be seen.


Twitch streamer Quin69’s viewers can literally flashbang him by donating

Published: 13/Oct/2020 15:21

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer has found a way to let his viewers flashbang him in real life — and it looks absolutely hilarious.

As streaming grows, it becomes increasingly harder for aspiring creators to really stand out among their peers, and you’ll often see that some of the top streamers have something unique about them, or their stream, that keeps viewers coming back for more.


The best example of this is someone like Dr Disrespect, who adopts the Doc persona whenever he goes live and feeds into the character, offering fans something a little more unique.

So, to stand out among the crowd, you need something original — and Quin69 might have found the best solution.

Quin69 streamer pose
YouTube: Quin69
Quin69 keeps up a spirited stream for his viewers, and this flashbang feature only adds to it.

While streamers often take donations from fans who are looking to show support, Quin has given his viewers a little something extra.

That’s because if you donate a certain amount to Quin’s stream, you hear the call of “throwing flashbang” before the room goes bright white, with Quin forced to close his eyes or squint through the flash if he wants to continue playing.

As you can see below, it doesn’t look like a massively enjoyable experience for the streamer, who has to sit through the pain; but it definitely looks amusing for the viewer.


He clearly tries to shrug it off and acts as though it doesn’t bother him, but we can only imagine how often his viewers flashbang him while in an intense moment of whatever game he’s playing which, truthfully, makes it all the more funny.

For a good example, here’s him being flashed while in a boss fight on Path of Exile, at the worst possible moment.


Of course, it’s all fun and games, and Quin wouldn’t have the option there if it truly bothered him, but we can only imagine how many games he loses momentum in thanks to temporary blindness.