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Russell Brand reveals what he really thought of Logan Paul

Published: 29/Jan/2020 17:44

by Jacob Hale


In a video uploaded to YouTube on January 28, Russell Brand has revealed what he really thinks of Logan Paul after the pair appeared on each other’s podcasts.

Across the two podcasts, the two discussed the come-up of Logan Paul, Brand’s journey into – and out of – Hollywood, and how their childhood affected who they are today.

The episodes were about as introspective as you’ll see Paul be, and the two seemed to get on really well, but now Brand has addressed exactly what he thinks of Logan in a follow-up YouTube video.

Image of Logan Paul and Russell Brand
YouTube: Russell Brand
Logan was the first YouTuber to appear on Brand’s Under the Skin podcast.

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Opening the video, Brand is on his way to Paul’s house to film their episode of Impaulsive, saying he expects it to be “some kind of frat house […] half a dozen millionaires sitting around smoking weed, eating potato chips and making videos and laughing at each other’s farts.”


He then spoke about watching some of Logan’s videos before the two initially met, saying that he thought Logan was genuinely funny and could understand why he had become successful, also describing him as “wholesome, sort of decent and inquiring and sort of bright.”

Clearly, Brand had already started to like Paul before they first met and had a good first impression of him, but did say he expected Paul’s house to “not have enough furniture” and “require a woman’s touch.”

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Following the podcast episode and when he had left, the woman behind Brand’s camera asked him if he was surprised by Logan at all – and he said he was.


“I was surprised by his warmth, his sweetness, his self-reflection,” Brand started. “My assumption with anyone that’s successful is that they’re basically going to be an a**hole, a glacial, indefatigable personality that isn’t porous enough to be present.”

Logan, he says, goes completely against that. “He’s very present and inquiring. If you’ve been around famous people for a long time, you expect them to be cubic and unapproachable, but then you meet people and they’re generally lovely.”

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Logan made no secret of the fact that he is a big fan of Russell, and it looks like after their conversations together the feelings might just be reciprocated.


Paul even expressed that he would be keen to follow in Brand’s footsteps, doing more work in Hollywood, so we may see them working together one day in the future.