Logan Paul claims he’s “turning into Thanos” in latest Challenger Games injury update

Connor Bennett

Logan Paul has given fans another graphic update on his hamstring injury, but not everyone is convinced that it is real after he compared his state to that of Thanos from Marvel’s Avengers. 

Prior to his Challenger Games event on July 27, the YouTube star revealed that he had picked up an injury and was not going to be at full strength to compete. Nevertheless, he soldiered on and tried to compete, but did even more damage to himself in the process.

Before he could take on his fellow YouTubers in the first of a handful of 100m races, the popular internet personality hobbled out of the blocks with a hamstring injury. 

Instagram: Logan PaulThe YouTuber suffered the devastating injury at his charity event.

It obviously affected his performance throughout the day as he was caught struggling to move during a later relay race. He gave fans an update back on July 30 with an x-ray image but has since shared another – and it doesn’t look good. 

On August 1, the Impaulsive podcast host shared a video captioned: “pulls hamstring… turns into Thanos?”, with his fans via Twitter that gave them an update on his injury. 

With brother Jake behind the camera, Logan immediately asked how it looked because he couldn’t see for himself. “Oh God, oh that’s fucked bro,” Jake cried out, before trying to bring his reaction down a notch. “No, it looks fine – you can’t see it right? It looks good. It looks good, you’re fine.”

While the majority of fans shared their concern about how his leg looked, others couldn’t help but doubt the legitimacy of it. 

Amongst the number of fans claiming that it was make-up or paint, YouTuber Nudah chimed in, stating: “It looks like you colored your leg with sharpie then tried to wash it off, Jesus Christ.” 

It’s not out of the question that Logan’s graphic injury update could be legitimate, however. Hematoma injuries – where blood has pooled outside of a blood vessel – can throw up similar colored bruising on the affected area. 

It remains to be seen if Logan injury is real or if it’s a part of some future YouTube video. One thing that is for certain, though, is that his fans will be hanging on every update.

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