Ninja breaks major subscriber record on Mixer without even streaming

Kamil Malinowski

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins recently announced a switch from Twitch to Mixer, and has already broken the site’s subscriber record before his first broadcast.

Ninja is one of the biggest streamers in the world, and recently shocked fans everywhere with an unexpected announcement that he would be leaving Twitch in favor of Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer starting from August 2. 

The American shared this news on Twitter, where he posted a short video regarding the announcement, alongside a simple message “The next chapter,”. 

Less than five hours after his initial announcement Ninja posted another Tweet, stating that “Over 100k subscribers have been redeemed so far on Mixer”. This is an incredibly high amount, even dwarfing some of the most popular Twitch channels. 

While the streamers’ popularity is undoubtedly one of the core reasons behind this incredible wave of support, it is definitely helped by a “limited-time offer” by Mixer, which allows any user to subscribe to the American for free.

Ninja’s massive wave of influence doesn’t stop at subscribers. Just a few hours after his announcement, the streaming platform reached the top of the App Store charts, overtaking household names like YouTube, Gmail, and Instagram as fans flock to watch him.

The American has not commented on his subscriber numbers since his initial Tweet but has already reached over 250,000 followers on Microsoft’s streaming platform, and with users being offered free subscriptions, the number is likely to have drastically increased.