Logan Paul suffers nasty injury ahead of KSI fight

Connor Bennett

YouTuber Logan Paul has revealed a new, nasty injury ahead of his highly-anticipated boxing rematch with KSI

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After their first boxing match-up was scored a majority draw all the way back in 2016, fans around the world have been clamoring for KSI and Logan Paul to climb back into the ring and square off. They’ll get their wish on November 9, but the build-up hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for the Paul brother. 

While the pair have traded verbal blows in their two pre-fight press conferences, one in Los Angeles and one in London, they’ve been deep into their own training camps. Practicing in camp means sparring, which can lead to injuries – no matter how easy you may try and take it.

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KSI, InstagramLogan Paul and KSI have traded shots in their respective home countries.

In an Instagram story post on October 25, Logan gave fans a close-up look at the inside of his mouth where a piece of his gum had gone missing. While he didn’t say exactly how it happened, he did manage to make the already nasty injury sound even worse than it looked. 

“Got a little piece of my gum torn off today, you see that right there,” the YouTuber said, as he zoomed all the way in on the cut part of his mouth. “And then I swallowed it, chewed it up and used it as protein!”

Instagram: Logan PaulLogan’s nasty injury was on full display for his instagram followers.
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While it may not be the most debilitating of injuries he could suffer in the build-up to his fights, it’s another in a growing list for Logan.

The biggest concern he’s had, however, was explaining that he believed he had brain damage from boxing as he’s run into errors when typing out text messages. However, he didn’t take it much further or explain if that’d potentially delay the fight.

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As of now, though, the rematch between the YouTube pair is scheduled for November 9 and will be contested under professional rules – meaning that there will be no head guards used. 

The first fight may have been on YouTube, but this time around, the pair will be on worldwide pay-per-view channels and other streaming services.