Logan Paul stuns fan with $10k in David Dobrik-style video

Jacob Hale
Logan Paul net worth

A Logan Paul fan was left close to tears in the gym after his hero randomly surprised him with a $10,000 gift, in an emotional, Dobrik-esque moment in his latest vlog.

Giving away money and gifts isn’t a new concept by any means, but saw a surge in popularity on YouTube with the likes of MrBeast and David Dobrik, who enjoyed a huge uptick in subscribers and views when they started giving away ludicrous gifts or cash amounts.

Now, Logan Paul has joined in on the action, giving away $10,000 out of his own pocket to an unsuspecting fan.

Logan Paul with parrot on head
Logan Paul’s Maverick Club gives away $10k to one lucky member each month.

Each month, Logan Paul gives away $10,000 to a random member of the Maverick Club – his exclusive subscription-based group that get access to exclusive content that won’t be seen by YouTube, merchandise, discounts and, obviously, giveaways.

While Maverick Club members are spread across the world – and still tucked away at home thanks to the ongoing global health crisis – Paul usually wouldn’t be able to surprise his fans in person, but he had the opportunity here and it paid off.

Having found the gym that his fan Jesus frequents, Logan decided to go on a hunt for him, eventually finding him after an “anonymous tip-off.”

After pretending that they had just met by coincidence, Paul finally revealed the real reason that he was there.

“I’ve got to be honest with you,” he told Jesus. “This entire thing is a setup. I knew you were working out here and I came to tell you that you’re the winner of this month’s $10,000 giveaway.”

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Still in complete disbelief, he have his favorite YouTuber a warm embrace, and Jesus said that he’s “trying to hold back tears” while wiping his eyes. The extra cash was obviously huge for him – especially considering he had just lost his job due to the health crisis.

Both Jesus and Logan look delighted with what went down, and you can see how much it meant to both of them – and that might just be the best Maverick Club advert Logan Paul could ever do.

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