Jake Paul mocks Shane Dawson for being ‘canceled’

Jacob Hale
Jake Paul and Shane Dawson

Jake Paul has mocked ‘canceled’ YouTuber Shane Dawson, who in recent weeks has been accused of racism and inappropriate sexual conduct in past videos.

Shane and Jake already have some history together, with Dawson creating a documentary on Paul called “The Mind of Jake Paul”, which was released in September 2018 and widely cast the younger Paul brother to be a sociopath.

So, needless to say, there has probably been some bad blood in the past between the two, who are some of YouTube’s biggest content creators.

Jake Paul and Shane Dawson talking
Shane’s “The Mind of Jake Paul” documentary was criticized at the time for allegedly trying to diagnose Paul with a mental illness.

Throughout June and July 2020, Shane Dawson came under fire for a number of reasons: Jaden Smith called him out for “sexualizing” his younger sister, and immediately after a video in which he apologized for racist content in old videos, he lost over 400,000 subscribers.

Jake isn’t exactly a stranger to being canceled himself, even as recently as May when he faced a lot of scrutiny for his role in looting and rioting that took place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While several people condemned Shane Dawson’s actions and past comments, Jake didn’t – but took an ample opportunity to mock him in his July 5 vlog.

While showing new Team 10 members and Instagram/TikTok stars Elle Danjean[jwplayer ftb8P7Xy] and Kaylyn Slevin to their new room, they mention needing a place to put their make-up – and Jake found the perfect opportunity.

“Do you guys have the Conspiracy collection?” he asks them, referencing Dawson’s collection with Jeffree Star. After they asked for clarification over what that was, he said “Don’t worry, he got canceled” and bursts out laughing.

Timestamp 4:07

He went on, referencing the old sociopath allegations, saying: “Who’s the sociopath? Not this guy,” possibly implying that perhaps Dawson himself is a sociopath.

The vlog quickly moved on from Dawson, who wasn’t named explicitly but was clearly referenced. Fans were quick to notice the sly comments, and noted that there is still no love lost between two of YouTube’s biggest stars.

It’s unclear yet whether Shane Dawson comes back from this. He hasn’t been active on social media following his apology video, and has lost over 1.2m subscribers since the initial apology video came out.

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