Logan Paul “stands in solidarity” with Jake Paul amid sexual assault claims

Jake Paul and Logan Paul on IMPAULSIVEYouTube: IMPAULSIVE

After being accused of sexual assault by TikToker Justine Paradise, Jake Paul has since come out to deny the claims as has his older brother Logan who “stands in solidarity.”

In the midst of fight week for Jake, as he prepares to take on Ben Askren, damning allegations came out against him on April 9. A fellow social media star accused him of sexual abuse, claiming he assaulted her in the Team 10 house in July.

Ever since these accusations came to light, Jake has vehemently denied them. The situation is “100% false,” an April 13 statement claimed. Furthermore, Jake argued that he was never involved in a sexual relationship with Paradise.

The alleged incident is currently being investigated and Jake is taking legal action to counter the supposed defamation.

In the meantime, his older brother has now spoken up as well.

Logan has made it clear he is fully supportive of Jake, publicly commenting on the allegations in an April 15 episode of his Impaulsive podcast.

“I made you swear on mum’s life, my life, and I know you, I trust you, I love you,” Logan said. “I believe you when you say it’s all bullsh*t.

“There is no sexual relationship that took place between you and this woman.”

Echoing comments from his earlier statement, Jake doubled down in denying the claims. “I’m not backing down from some bullsh*t, manufactured, fabricated allegations. If I know at the end of the day I didn’t do something, and someone’s making some bullsh*t up, I’m gonna come out and f*cking defend myself.”

Logan further explained how amidst the current Me Too movement, false claims can discredit those that have endured real hardships. “I’m not sure that there is anything more vile or more disgusting than invalidating legitimate victims of abuse or sexual assault,” he said.

“It breaks my heart. So I was willing to put my foot down and stand in solidarity.”

Not the first time Jake has been embroiled in controversy, he understands it likely won’t be the last either.

“I’ve been dealing with it my whole life,” he said on the subject. “I hate it, but being in the public spotlight, that’s part of the job.”