Logan Paul reveals why his new $1 million ranch is “haunted”

YouTube: ImPaulsive / Freepik

YouTube star Logan Paul threw down with rival KSI in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch of the year – and it looks like the online celebrity is putting his fight money to good use.

While Paul might be known for his sprawling mansion in Encino, California and the souped-up bus seen in his videos, the “Maverick” mogul has splurged on yet another huge purchase.

Rather than spending racks on designer apparel, though, Paul bought a sprawling ranch, which he discussed in his comeback episode of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on November 20.

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Logan Paul, InstagramYouTuber Logan Paul has acquired the infamous Fobes Ranch of 1960s fame.

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According to the YouTuber, he’d offered the sellers $1,000,001 as a joke – an amount they accepted, finding it humorous.

“If I’m gonna be honest, it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased,” Paul said of his new ranch. “I paid one million and one dollars for this ranch. That was my offer and they accepted it, ‘cause they thought it was funny. They sold it to us, and we spent the weekend up there for the first time.”

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Pacific Sothesby's International RealtyLogan Paul’s expensive ranch was once used for a covert LSD operation.

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Despite being his “favorite spot” on the planet, there appears to be a major issue with the property, considering that it’s allegedly haunted.

“There’s a lot of great stuff to do at the ranch,” he continued. “…I want to do a proper reveal video, but there’s just one problem we discovered. It might be severely haunted. By the way, I went there with an open mind. I said, ‘Haunted?’ It was owned by the hippie mafia. They’re ghosts of eternal love!”

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(Timestamp: 55:00 for mobile viewers)

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Paul’s experience with these “ghosts” comes as little surprise, considering the property he purchased is the infamous Fobes Ranch – a locale previously owned by late Harvard professor Timothy Leary, who helped ran an LSD operation at the ranch with the nicknamed “Hippie Mafia” group in the 1960s.

Officially dubbed “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love,” Leary and crew produced an LSD strain called “Orange Sunshine” using a machine that created tablets of the drug before law enforcement raided the group in 1972.

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Phillip H. Bailey, Wikimedia CommonsTimothy Leary, middle, was a Harvard psychologist who felt he could change the world through LSD.

With both Leary and Paul standing as controversial public figures, his acquisition of the ranch comes as a slightly ironic twist – although whether the property is actually haunted or not remains to be seen.

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