Logan Paul Reveals Why He’s so Confident He’ll Beat KSI During the TrueGeordie Podcast

Virginia Glaze

Sportscaster TrueGeordie sat down with controversial YouTube star Logan Paul to discuss his career, his controversial past, and his upcoming boxing match with KSI.

While TrueGeordie is best known for his work in online sportscasting, he has likewise established an internet presence for his involvement with the KSI vs Logan Paul beef.

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In a “grown-man chat,” Geordie had an open discussion with Logan Paul, where Logan revealed remorse for his actions and compassion for Geordie’s reaction to his previous actions.

“You’re a strong, grown-ass man who was affected by something so near and dear to your heart,” Paul answered. “And for me to have tugged on those heartstrings, it’s, I mean, it kills me.”

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The two also addressed KSI’s statements on their boxing match, where KSI expressed that he felt Logan was legitimately frightened of him.

“I’m not sure why,” Logan responded. “I’m 4 inches taller than him, ten pounds heavier, and I’m nine times better of an athlete. I’m going to beat the shit out of him.”

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Following Paul’s trip to Japan, wherein he entered an off-limits area of Aokigahara forest and disrespected the body of a suicide victim, TrueGeordie created a response video criticizing his actions.

After this controversy, Logan Paul got into it with another popular YouTuber, KSI. With a career in amateur boxing, KSI challenged ‘anyone’ to take him on after one of his fights, citing Jake and Logan Paul as probable contestants.

The fight was on soon after, and the two are scheduled to throw down on August 25th in what is projected to be one of the largest live-streamed events in history.

TrueGeordie had commentated one of KSI’s previous matches, and was a sure pick for the approaching battle. After a press conference concerning the fight, Logan Paul accused Geordie of bias, citing his previous video as reason enough to believe that the commentary might not be in his favor. Thus, Geordie brought him on to his podcast in order to set the record straight.

Viewers can watch the rest of the interview on TrueGeordie’s YouTube channel, and catch the fight for a total of £7.50 ($10.00) through the KSIvsLogan YouTube channel. Whether or not Logan will emerge victorious over KSI remains to be seen – their beef, however, remains the stuff of internet legend.