Logan Paul reveals brother Jake’s real opinion of Andrew Tate amid fight rumors

Andrew Tate Logan PaulYouTube: JeffFM

Logan Paul has revealed Jake Paul’s real opinion of Andrew Tate as rumors of the two potentially fighting next year have begun to ramp up.

Andrew Tate has gone viral over the last few years with his various opinions sparking backlash from users around the world before being banned from Facebook, Instagram, and more last August.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul recently went yet again after a video of the two face-to-face suggested they will be entering the ring together in the near future.

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Logan Paul, however, has revealed Jake Paul’s real opinion of Andrew Tate after their recent run-in in Dubai.

Logan Paul reveals Jake’s real opinion on Andrew Tate

During a recent visit to Jeff Wittek’s podcast ‘Jeff FM,’ Logan Paul and the rest of the hosts were talking about how rich people constantly talk about how much money they have.

Jeff then asked everyone what they thought about Andrew Tate. After some discourse, Logan said: “Yo, I just talked to Jake about this. Apparently [Tate’s opinions and actions] are just a f**kin’ act. It’s just a f**kin’ act bro.

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“It’s a show. We all come into this room and we put on a show. Jake said Andrew’s brother Tristan is a more solid, down-to-earth kind of guy in real life.”

(Topic starts at 1:12:19 in the video)

Rumors of a potential fight between younger brother Jake and Andrew Tate continue to fly, but Logan has said that he doesn’t think it’ll ever happen.

“Andrew Tate will not fight Jake,” he said during a recent Impaulsive episode. “He’s gonna get his ass kicked. And the ‘Top G’ facade will finally be revealed as bullsh*t.”

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We’ll have to wait to see what happens in the future when it comes to Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate, but we’ll be sure to update you if anything gets announced.