Logan Paul “jealous” of Deji over Floyd Mayweather black eye

Logan Paul jealous of Deji after Mayweather black eyeYouTube: IMPAULSIVE, Deji / Twitter: daznboxing

YouTube star Logan Paul says he’s “jealous” of Deji after the influencer gifted Floyd Mayweather with a black eye during their November 13 exhibition match.

Deji may have lost his battle against Floyd Mayweather, but he might have won the war.

Referees stopped their match in round 6, crowning Mayweather the victor by TKO. Although Deji just couldn’t hold up against the 50-0 champ, he did land a clean shot to the pro’s face, with Mayweather showing off his black eye after the fight was over.

Deji expounded upon this little victory in a November 14 video, saying he’d take Floyd’s black eye as a W in spite of his loss.

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“I was told that I hit him 25 times,” Deji said. “I’ll take that. I mean, I gave the man a black eye. I’ll take that. Realistically, that is a W. Apparently, this man has never been cut before, or had any sort of bruise. So I’m apparently the first guy to bruise a 50-0 champ.”

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Logan Paul spoke on Deji’s scrap with Mayweather during a November 15 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he joked that he’s “jealous” of his fellow YouTuber for managing to mark the ‘Pretty Boy’ when he couldn’t do the same during their 2021 bout.

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Logan Paul “jealous” of Deji giving Floyd Mayweather a black eye

“I think he made him bleed a little bit,” Logan said of the fight.

“Did you make him bleed?” co-host George Janko asked.

“No, I didn’t,” Logan answered. “That’s what I’m saying.”

“Are you showing signs of resentment because you never drew blood?” Janko inquired, rubbing it in.

“Absolutely. I’m jealous of Deji,” Logan said with a smile.

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Logan also had some strong words for Mayweather during the podcast, calling the pro’s exhibition matches “legalized bank robbery.”

“Floyd Mayweather sucks, dude, I’m sorry,” he added. “You f**kin’ suck, Floyd. At what point is it no longer legalized bank robbery? That’s what he calls his fights, when he fights he says it’s legalized bank robbery, and we’re seeing why.”

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This isn’t the first time Logan has had words for Floyd; the YouTuber has repeatedly called out the boxing champ for failing to pay him over a year after their bout in summer 2021, from which he says he still has yet to see a single cent.