Deji claims last-minute request from Floyd Mayweather drastically changed fight

Deji claims Mayweather made drastic change to fight last minute copy 2YouTube: Deji

YouTube star Deji opened up about his exhibition match against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, claiming his opponent asked for a significant last-minute change to their fight.

Deji went six rounds with undefeated former boxing champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather on November 13 — but despite bagging his first big win against YouTuber Fouseytube in August, he couldn’t hold his own against the ‘Pretty Boy.’

Deji’s bout with Mayweather at the Coca-Cola Arena also saw some drama happen between attendees, with fellow influencer-boxer Jake Paul claiming he was told to leave the building, saying Floyd apparently wouldn’t fight unless he vacated the premises.

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Now, Deji himself is chiming in on the beef, claiming that Mayweather had made a big change to their fight at the very last minute.

Deji claims Mayweather changed gloves from 14 oz to 10 oz

On November 14 — just a day after his match with Mayweather — Deji uploaded a YouTube video where he described his experience before, during, and after getting in the ring with one of boxing’s most successful athletes.

According to Deji, he and Mayweather had been contractually obligated to fight with 14 oz gloves… but the YouTuber claims that Floyd wanted 10 oz gloves instead on the day of the fight.

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“Last-minute, they’re like, ‘Floyd wants to fight with 10 oz gloves,'” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Wait, what? That was never part of our contract. What is going on? I don’t understand why it’s gone from 14 to 10, when it was 14 from the get-go.'”

Eventually, Deji said he “conceded” to the change after a “long” back-and-forth with Mayweather’s team… but that wasn’t the only mix-up to happen during their highly-anticipated match.

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Deji also claimed that he went into the bout under the impression that Mayweather would go “at his pace,” and was even told by a member of the Money Team that he could ask his opponent to take it easy during clinches.

The YouTuber says that when he asked his opponent to slow down during a clinch, Mayweather allegedly shot back: “Shut up, I’m Floyd Mayweather, I do what I want.”

“It was, essentially, a pro fight,” Deji said of the match. “Madness.”

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That being said, Deji was jazzed that he managed to give Floyd a black eye, which he chalked up to a “W” in spite of his loss to the 50-0 pro.

Deji’s allegations follow dozens of pleas from fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, who has repeatedly claimed that Mayweather has failed to pay him for their exhibition match in 2021.