Logan Paul gifting fans $11k 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon card packs on Christmas

logan paul pokemon cardsLogan Paul

After spending $3.5 million on Pokemon cards, Logan Paul claims he’ll be gifting fans with several of the card packs on Christmas day, worth an estimated $11k each.

Logan Paul continues to make headlines with more insane Pokemon card moves, but this time he, won’t be the one holding the cards at the end.

Instead, in an act of holiday generosity, the eldest Paul brother has promised to give away several of the highly coveted 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards to fans on Christmas day.

Here’s more on how to get in on the holiday cheer, and what all the giveaway entails.

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Logan Paul to gift ~$400k worth of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards on Christmas

logan-paul-holds-up-rare-1st-edition-base-set-pokemon-cards-1Logan Paul
Logan Paul has one of the greatest Pokemon card collections on the planet, and now he’s sharing it with fans.

Logan Paul made huge news this week for spending $3.5 million on a whopping 11 boxes of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards. And now, he’s giving them away.

Well, not all of them, but the Youtuber did promise to give away one of the 11 boxes, which contains 36 packs, to fans on the Dec. 21 episode of Impaulsive.

In total, this giveaway is worth upwards of $400k, with each pack retailing for an average of $7k-$11k apiece.

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Logan will be opening one of his newly purchased booster boxes on Christmas day and will be giving away the 36 packs to viewers of the live stream.

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The giveaway will be done through an auction app on stream, but Paul assured viewers that these would be given away for free, not auctioned off.

If you’re lucky enough to win one yourself, will you try and break open the pack for a shot at a Charizard, hold the pack, or take it to an auction as a sealed pack? The choice would be yours.

Make sure to stay tuned for more details about this giveaway. We’ll be sure to provide more updates as they come available!