Man stunned after discovering Pokemon cards in grandma’s attic worth thousands

The Pokemon Company / PWCC auctions

A Pokemon fan was shocked after discovering rare Pokemon Trading Card game collectibles in their grandma’s attic. The Base Set booster packs had been sealed since 1998 and are now worth thousands.

No one could have predicted in the 90s that Pokemon cards would one day be worth thousands of dollars. In 2021, the retro Nintendo items sell at auction for as much as a house.

A fan went viral on December 10 after discovering one of these items in their grandma’s house. The man was stunned after finding the rare TCG products while cleaning out her attic.

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Pokemon Cards TCG Baset Set booster packsGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
These retro Pokemon card packs are now worth thousands of dollars.

Rare Pokemon cards found in grandmother’s attic

The lucky fan posted his discovery on the r/PokemonTCG forum after initially being unsure if what he found had any value. “Found in grandma’s attic – HELP!” user Business_Pack_4423 wrote alongside an image of the item.

“Cannot find any info online at all on these. Absolutely mint condition sealed 10 packs,” he added. “What do you recommend doing with these? How rare? Please any help is greatly appreciated!”

The community immediately knew what the Pokemon card product was and informed the user that he found a sealed blister pack of the insanely rare 1998 Base Set. According to collectors on the forum, the collectible was specifically sold at Costco in the ’90s and is insanely rare to find still sealed.

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Reddit user Business_Pack_4423 discovers rare Pokemon cards in Grandmas Attic screenshotReddit: Business_Pack_4423
The lucky fan discovered a rare Pokemon card set in an attic.

Fellow Pokemon fans were just as floored by the discovery and immediately gave him advice on how to handle his rare discovery.

“Probably the only pack in existence in this condition or at all. You can officially name your price. Congrats!” one collector wrote. Another cautioned, “Whatever you do, don’t open it. Keep it somewhere that is nonhumid and out of sunlight. You have a real treasure here financially.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to rare Pokemon cards being found in fans attic

While it’s hard to gauge a true value on this item, another sealed version of the product sold at a PWCC auction in February 2021 for a whopping $7,800. And on eBay, two are currently up for sale at $18,000 a pop. According to the lucky Reddit user, he actually found two of the Base Set blister packs in his grandmas’s attic, making the value even higher.

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With prices continuing to climb for the retro TCG set, the sky is the limit for what it could eventually fetch price-wise. One thing’s for certain, we imagine many fans will be checking their relative’s attics after reading this story.