Logan Paul floored after pranksters “steal” wheels from new custom truck

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul pranked by Diesel Brothers

YouTube star Logan Paul has acquired yet another impressive vehicle — but the brilliant minds who built it pulled a hilarious prank on the content creator by “stealing” its wheels upon delivery.

A hugely popular YouTuber needs an equally huge truck, and that’s just what Logan Paul received after the minds behind Discovery’s Diesel Brothers built him an impressive custom rig of his very own.

With sleek black paint, a booming sound system and even a mount for potential paintball gun fights, this souped up Dodge Ram is nothing to sneeze at — which is exactly why the Diesel Brothers made a hilarious show of delivering the mega cab to his doorstep.

Under cover of darkness, Dave Sparks and his crew brought the truck to Paul’s neighborhood and removed its wheels, leaving the ride sitting on wooden blocks before retreating back to their hotel room.

Logan Paul new truck
Logan Paul’s new mega cab is nothing to sneeze at.

The next day, the group received a concerned FaceTime call from Logan’s father, who alerted them that the truck’s wheels had been mysteriously removed. The Diesel Brothers played up the incident as a potential theft, completely fooling Logan Paul that his wheels had actually been stolen.

However, the fact that the truck keys had been left inside the cab was not lost on Paul’s crew, who seemed entirely confused and befuddled about the situation when they met up a few hours later.

Logan even joked that his brother may have had something to do with the “theft,” claiming that Conor McGregor’s crew may have pulled a fast one on him after being challenged by Jake one too many times.

Luckily, the YouTubers pulled up with the tires not too long afterward, making for a very relieved Logan Paul, who admitted that he’d been thoroughly Punk’d.

“Yo, this is fucking hilarious,” a smiling Logan admitted when all was revealed. “This was great. Two seconds too late with the, ‘It’s a prank!’ moment.”


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In fact, Logan claimed that this is the first official truck he’s ever owned — but it won’t be the last of his adventures with the Diesel Brothers, leaving many more shenanigans in store for the future.

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