Logan Paul accuses doctor of spreading Prime “misinformation” and threatens lawsuit

Dylan Horetski
logan paul prime hydration tiktok doctor

Logan Paul has called out yet another creator on TikTok for spreading “misinformation” about his Prime Hydration beverage line and even threatened a lawsuit against them.

Filed back in 2023, a lawsuit against Logan Paul & KSIs Prime Hydration claims that the drink contains more than the allowed amount of per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS).

Also known as “forever chemicals,” these substances accumulate in the body, and sometimes have adverse effects like reproductive issues, reduced immune system response, and more.

TikToker TommyTheLawyer was among the first to bring up the lawsuit on social media, prompting Logan to hit back with a video on his channel. In the clip, he called out Tommy for “lying” about the brand and asked for an apology.

On May 21, 2024, Logan Paul uploaded another video accusing a “carrot-colored Instagram doctor” named Daniel Pompa for spreading “misinformation” about the Prime Hydration drink and threatened a lawsuit in the process.

In the now-deleted clip, the doctor sent a warning to parents claiming that Prime Hydration has “three times the level” of dangerous forever chemicals.

“Alright, let’s talk about it. After I corrected the TikTok lawyer with facts debunking this crap, I never thought I’d have to do the same to a carrot-colored Instagram doctor,” Logan responded before revealing that Prime sent him a cease & desist letter.

“[We] got him to half-apologize, but in the same video he just doubled down on his bulls**t.”

“Hey Logan, don’t shoot the messenger, I was just bringing the message,” said the doctor in his apology video.

Logan responded, and threatened the man with a lawsuit. “Don’t worry bro, I’m not gonna shoot you. But, Prime is considering suing you for the millions of dollars of damage you caused to make you file for bankruptcy,” he said.

“Buddy, you don’t know a single thing about what you’re claiming but if I ever wanna overdose on self-tanner or get my back cracked I’m coming straight to you.”

The Prime Hydration “forever chemical” lawsuit isn’t the only one Logan and KSI’s company is currently facing. On May 9, 2024, a class action was filed against the company for “false advertising,” claiming that Prime Energy has more caffeine than advertised.

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