Jake Paul calls KSI a “bitch” & challenges him to boxing fight: “no excuses”

Jake Paul and KSI in boxing ringInstagram/JakePaul/KSI

Jake Paul is once again calling out fellow YouTube star Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, claiming he is afraid to fight him in a boxing match.

Despite Paul booking a fight against former UFC pro Ben Askren for April 17, the up-and-coming boxer has continued to challenge the likes of Dillon Danis, Connor McGregor and, of course, long-term rival YouTuber KSI.

In a January 27 YouTube video, Paul accused KSI of refusing to fight due to the current global health crisis. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Paul is claiming to see through Olatunji’s alleged “excuses.”

“Go train in a gym, because you can’t do anything else!” the YouTuber roared. “You can’t go out to eat. You can’t go to the movies. Go train. Now is the best time to train.”

According to Jake, because he’s fighting MMA stars and other pros, his skill is continuing to grow, and it wouldn’t make sense for him to go back and fight KSI if he stays so far behind.

Jake doubts the fight will even happen, at all – meaning that KSI might retain his winning record against the Pauls, having bested brother Logan in their 2019 rematch, with the first ending in a draw.

Nonetheless, Paul wasn’t done calling out KSI, demanding he fight him. Taking to Twitter, Jake blasted the British YouTuber, claiming his excuses were just getting worse.

“I just moved my whole team across the United States to Miami to train. This kid is a millionaire and has all the resources to find a way to train,” he said. “KSI is officially a bitch.”

As a follow-up tweet, Jake said that he would even fly to London to get the fight done. “No one will remember who was A-Side when I turn you into a meme. No excuses now,” he added, ending his comment with a smirk emoji.

Unfortunately for Jake, it doesn’t seem like KSI has any intentions on taking the bait. In a non-direct tweet, he simply stated: “Rent free in his head lmao,” seemingly referring to the YouTuber’s apparent obsession with the fight.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for these two stars, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Jake Paul and KSI will end up squaring off in the same ring any time – soon let alone ever.