YouTuber Danny Duncan finally blows up his long-suffering Tesla

Jacob Hale
danny duncan destroys Tesla

YouTuber Danny Duncan has put his Tesla Model 3 through hell since buying it, and has finally done the best thing for it by blowing it up completely.

Danny Duncan’s wacky style of content is definitely divisive. Fans love that they never know what to expect from him, while his critics might question some of the decisions he’s made, such as destroying his house with an indoor baseball pitching machine.

One regular victim of Danny’s, though, is his Tesla, which has definitely seen better days. Since buying it, he’s ripped the roof off, had people crash into it, broken the windows and done just about everything imaginable. To contrast, on his other Tesla, he’s lovingly applied a pair of bull horns to the front.

While some may consider a Tesla a dream car, it seems Danny doesn’t quite have the same affinity for his.

danny duncan tesla bull horns
Danny Duncan has put one of his Teslas through hell for the sake of content.

After hitting it with golf balls and punching off the wing mirror, Danny finally decided it was time to blow the whole thing up in his January 27 upload.

Using Tannerite, a brand of binary explosive targets, Duncan started taking shots at his Tesla from afar, even injuring himself in the process.

Despite the cut to his head, Danny managed to hit his target and watched his Tesla blow up with lightning speed, right before his eyes. The car was almost fully flipped over, blowing the doors and trunk in, leaving it literally looking like a shell of its former self. Danny wasn’t impressed, though, moaning that “it didn’t do sh*t” because he “thought the b**ch was going to go in the air.”

Topic starts at 4:39

While most stunts are done with a “Don’t try this at home” tag applied, in true Danny Duncan fashion he actually advises fans do try it at home. Though for many of us, finding a Tesla to blow up is far easier said than done.

Needless to say, Duncan makes a decent amount of money and this probably isn’t much of a loss to him — in fact, his BMW i8 is probably scared stiff right now.

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