Logan Paul opens up about “weed problem” and reveals why he quit smoking

Eleni Thomas
Logan Paul weed headerYouTube: IMPAULSIVE

Logan Paul admitted that he has had a “weed problem” in the past and opened up about why he has quit smoking at the moment.

Logan Paul is one of the most well-known internet celebrities of the past decade. Logan first found fame with his brother Jake, the two known for their over-the-top pranks and content on YouTube.

Since then, Logan has forged a path into the WWE where he currently wrestles as the United States Champion. However, in the most recent episode of Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, the influencer opened up to guest Rick Ross about his tumultuous relationship with marijuana. 

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“I think I have a weed problem a little bit so I have to really monitor my relationship with it. Everyone has a different relationship with it,” began Logan. Before admitting that he’s “not smoking weed at the moment.”

When Ross followed up and asked him why he struggles with marijuana, Logan went into depth about his relationship with the substance and the impact it has on his day-to-day life.

“Dude I love weed, it’s true but I also know that if I smoke too much of it I don’t become productive like you. For a little bit yeah, my creativity especially will spike. But then I’ll start smoking in the day versus just at night which is my comfort zone.”

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Logan then revealed that a large part of the reason he enjoys smoking marijuana is because it helps him switch his brain off and minimize the thoughts bouncing around in his head. Particularly at night time.

“I smoke weed to turn off my brain. I’m going crazy in there at all times and it’s nice to just shut off. I just want to relax and just be super present.

“Sometimes I just want to shut off so I use weed as a vehicle to get me to relax and then I start getting too comfortable with that feeling.”

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