Logan Paul finds Jenna Marbles & Shane Dawson YouTube drama “interesting”

Shane Dawson, imPaulsive, Jenna Marbles - YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul has weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding high-profile entertainers Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson, explaining why he finds their cancellation “interesting” in light of his own past on the platform.

The online entertainment space has been rife with drama for the past week, with many top content creators coming under fire for past content and offensive behavior.

Two of YouTube’s bigger personalities, Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles, were in the mix of the “canceled” entertainers, with the latter choosing to step away from the platform indefinitely, claiming she “didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

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Dawson has since garnered massive criticism over his past content, with even the likes of Jada and Jaden Smith calling out the YouTuber over an old video where he appeared to sexualize a then-11-year-old Willow Smith.

Jenna Marbles apology videoJenna Marbles, YouTube
YouTube star Jenna Marbles uploaded an eleven-minute-long video in late June explaining her decision to step away from the platform in wake of privating her older content.

Logan Paul spoke out on the recent wave of cancellations in a June 30 episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, where he explained why he “felt bad” about Marbles’ choice to step back from filming videos.

“I do feel bad for Jenna Marbles, because there was a time when times were timey,” he joked.

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“There was a time when things were different. And Jenna is feeling the immense pressure of the culture shift and no longer wants to make anyone upset. I love her intentions. It’s unrealistic. …she gave up.”

Shane Dawson apology videoShane Dawson, YouTube
YouTuber Shane Dawson followed suit after Jenna Marbles’ video went live, addressing his past content and vowing to improve in the future.

That’s not all; Paul even appeared to take shots at both Marbles and Dawson for their recent scandals, noting that both YouTubers had criticized him for his viral incident in Japan’s Aokigahara “Suicide Forest” in early 2018.

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“It is a shame and it is so interesting to see that the people who once castrated me and lambasted me for my mistakes are now the ones under fire and are cracking under the pressure completely, and giving up.”

“I think it’s an immense definition of character what you do when you’re canceled,” he continued. “It’ll be interesting to see what Shane Dawson does next. I’m slightly concerned for him because I know he’s a bit more fragile mentally when nothing’s happening.”

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With Paul being no stranger to such severe backlash, his comments ring with a certain undeniable truth amidst one of YouTube’s biggest “dramageddons” thus far.