Logan Paul explains why KSI defeat “doesn’t feel like a loss“

Connor Bennett

Logan Paul has explained why losing to KSI doesn’t quite feel like a loss and how he believes he’ll “be alright” in the aftermath – with a possible return to boxing also on the cards.

After over a year of anticipation, verbal jabs, and promises about the outcome of the fight, KSI and Logan Paul finally settled the long-standing rivalry inside the boxing ring at the Staples Centre. The British YouTuber came out on top with a majority decision after the bout lasted the scheduled six rounds.

Much had been made in the build-up about how a loss would negatively affect the eventual loser, but with that cruel fate falling upon Paul, he isn’t too worried about the fallout – and might even step back inside a boxing ring.

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul managed to knock KSI down but was deducted two points for illegal blows.

Following the defeat, the YouTube star participated in the traditional post-fight press conference where he was quizzed on how he felt and his assessment of the bout, among plenty of other questions.

“It doesn’t feel like a loss, I know what a loss feels like,” he stated. “Something tells me I’m going to be alright and maybe its because I’m not a boxer but something also tells me that if I have another boxing fight, we could probably sell out another Staples Centre and get a decent amount of downloads on DAZN, especially if its from the right person.”

He wasn’t finished there though, as he continued on. “Yeah, I’ll be good. Plus, in the face of adversity rises a titan. I really thought about this, if Joe Weller had won the first fight against KSI, something tells me Joe Weller wouldn’t be as well off as he is now.” 

Paul noted that there’s something about being able to “adapt and overcome” that resonates with people and makes someone extremely relatable. “That’s like my life story,” added Logan. “I don’t want to be the person that wins all the time, its much cooler to show that its ok to mess up or fail or fall short of a goal.”

As for his return to the ring, if he’s serious about that, Logan likely wouldn’t be squaring off against KSI as the Brit ruled out the third match-up in the immediate fallout.

The Paul brother has already spoken about possibly heading to the UFC for at least a taste of the octagon action, but those plans seemed to be predicated on winning.