Logan Paul eyeing Conor McGregor UFC fight and he’s actually serious

. 3 years ago

YouTube sensation Logan Paul has explained what he plans to do after his boxing rematch with KSI and if you think he wants to step away from fighting, you’d be wrong, as he’s eyeing up a huge prize in Conor McGregor.

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The hugely popular American content creator is gearing up for his highly-anticipated rematch with KSI on November 9, where he believes he’s going to win convincingly and also pretty early too

While his pre-fight talk has mostly been about his injuries, especially in terms of brain damage, he’s now opened up about what he wants to do after the fight – provided he wins, that is. 

REUTERS/Tom Jacobs
KSI and Logan Paul will square off on November 9, but the American is already looking ahead.
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The YouTuber appeared on the True Geordie Podcast alongside his brother Jake and podcast co-host Mike Majlak, discussing everything from his fights, his YouTube career, and his aspiration to become the biggest entertainer in the world.

To make that happen, however, he wants to continue in the fighting game but swap the sweet science of boxing for the UFC – for at least one bout. “I’ve played this scenario out in my head a hundred times,” Logan said after being asked if it was a serious possibility.

“Imma beat JJ, imma do my first fight in the UFC, imma win, imma smoke this f**king dude whoever it is and then I’m going to be like yo, I think I’m good, that was fun, and then I’m going to get a huge bag placed in front of me and be like, f**k bro, I could use another Rolex.”

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As for potential opponents after that, well, Majlak said that the Paul brother would be eyeing up Irish superstar Conor McGregor despite the fact that there’s a huge weight difference – not to mention a huge gulf in skill. 

The YouTuber was also quizzed on why he’d want to want to continue fighting, be it boxing or mixed martial arts, and he stated that he wasn’t scared either way and that he’s also become fond of being hit and throwing strikes back at opponents.

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Whether or not it’s a possibility that Logan steps inside of the octagon following his November 9 rematch is unclear, especially as he’s previously called out Dana White for not signing him up already. 

It would obviously be a huge shift for the entertainment world, and a major talking point in the YouTube sphere, so it probably won’t go away anytime soon.

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