Logan Paul denies accusations that he pushed his dog into a lake

Virginia Glaze

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]YouTube star Logan Paul is no doubt an animal lover, owning two pigs, a parrot, a mantis shrimp, and, of course, his husky pup, Broley Blue — a critter who has become the center of controversy for the Maverick brand owner.

Logan Paul came into ownership of Broley following the tragic death and disappearance of his pet Pomeranian, ‘Kong da Savage,’ in April 2019, after the small breed was taken from his front yard by coyotes.

Shortly thereafter, Paul filled the gaping, dog-shaped void in his heart with a new pup, who he since has taken on many adventures — one of which included a fishing excursion in late July.

In a July 22 vlog, Paul and squad geared up to catch fish with some locals, showing sweeping footage of a beautiful mountain lake as he and Broley enjoyed the scenery as the boat they were on sped atop the waters.

Logan Paul rides a skateboard with his dog Broley.
YouTuber Logan Paul and his new husky pup Broley are two peas in a pod.

However, things became a bit hairy after Broley seemingly jumped off the boat and was swept underneath it, leading the entire crew to collectively gasp in fear that the pup may have drowned or been caught in the craft’s metal blades.

Fortunately, Broley was able to keep his head above water long enough for Paul to jump overboard and swim him to safety — but some critics feel the entire ordeal was a coordinated stunt for the vlog that endangered his pet’s life.

(Segment begins at 4:00)

The Maverick was quick to defend himself against these accusations, clarifying that Broley was not pushed in a pinned comment beneath the video.

“We would NEVER, EVER, EVER, push Broley off the boat,” he wrote. “He jumped and a hand was behind him, petting him, and when he jumped, we attempted to grab him. …watch his body language and you can very evidently see a self-induced, independent jump from the little mut.”

Logan Paul responds to accusations of pushing his dog into a lake
Logan Paul was quick to hit back against accusations of pushing Broley into the lake as a stunt for his vlog.

“Yeah, I just watched in slow motion,” he continued. “Wasn’t even touching him, and when he jumped, the hand followed. Go f*** yourselves.”

Thus far, it seems like much of Paul’s fanbase is standing in solidarity with the YouTuber in wake of allegations of animal mistreatment from angry commenters.