Logan Paul calls Floyd Mayweather “slower than expected” after PPV showdown

Brad Norton
Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul

Logan Paul can now officially say he went the distance with Floyd Mayweather and the YouTube star even called him “slower than expected” after surviving eight rounds with the boxing hall of famer.

After months of anticipation, Paul vs Mayweather is finally in the books. While no winner was technically crowned due to it being an exhibition bout, Paul secured the moral victory by lasting all eight rounds.

While he wasn’t able to get much offense in towards the latter half of the bout, Paul also didn’t take damage in return. Mayweather landed a few solid shots but for the most part, both came out relatively unscathed.

Having spent 24 minutes in the ring with him, Paul called it the “best moment of his life.” But did Mayweather’s performance come with any surprises? To the social media celeb turned boxer, age played a bigger role than he imagined.

“He blessed me with this opportunity, so I don’t want to sit here and talk s***,” he joked in the post-fight press conference. Though Paul did just that, criticizing Mayweather for his speed in the ring.

“He was a little slower than I expected. His age finally came into play and I could see it. He started breathing a little heavier in rounds five and six.”

At 44 years old, Mayweather has been retired from the fight game for four years. Though even in his retirement, he’s now raked in tens of millions for competing against a social media star.

As for Paul, he’s still incredibly new to the sport despite stepping in there with the all-time greatest. “I’m such an infant,” he explained. “Regardless of the performance tonight, this is my third fight. I’m happy.”

Paul’s section of the post-fight presser begins at the 38:19 mark below.

There’s no telling what could possibly top this event down the line for Paul, though he’s evidently hungry for more. “I’m sure there’s a list of opponents on Twitter,” he said. “I’ll pick one, make them get embarrassed.”

So the door is wide open for his fourth pro bout. After surviving Mayweather, he’s sure to be more confident than ever when he next heads into the ring.