Logan Paul claims Mayweather is training harder for his fight “than he did for Canelo”

Bill Cooney
BFFs/Showtime Sports/YouTube

During an appearance on the “BFFs” podcast, Logan Paul said he’s heard Mayweather is pulling out all the stops preparing for their fight, training harder than he did for the 2013 brawl with Canelo Alvarez. The only problem is, that’s not what his opponent is saying. 

The whole world is waiting to watch Logan Paul take on Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather on June 6, and, according to the YouTuber, his opponent is training just as hard as he is, if not harder.

During the BFF podcast, Paul told hosts Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna LaPaglia that he’d heard Mayweather had been putting in more work than he did before the 2013 light middleweight championship match against Alvarez.

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“I’ll tell you, he’s motivated,” a straight-faced Paul told Portnoy. “His training partners are saying he’s training harder than he did for Canelo, Harder than he did for McGregor. Like, he cares.”

Hard to believe? Well, Portnoy thought so as well, pressing Logan how he could honestly believe Mayweather was putting more stake in this fight than an actual championship bout.

“Dude I got a text last night, 1:30 AM, they’re like ‘yo, just drove past Floyd and his boys running down the street in Vegas,'” the YouTuber-turned-boxer said. “He trains late, he trains hard. He wants to be nonchalant about it, but he cares. Because he realized, if you get caught by the YouTuber, that’s it, his legacy is f**ked.”

Sure enough, during the pre-fight media availability on June 3, Mayweather did seem pretty laid back about his training regimen, cracking jokes about how seriously he was taking it with the hosts.

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“For this, kinda trained a little bit, a little bit here and there, not everyday. But, I don’t have to,” Floyd said, letting everyone know just how much (or how little) of a threat he seems to think his opponent is.

Right now, either fighter’s story could be true. Mayweather could be taking things as seriously as Paul claims he is, or he’s really going into this as casually as he says. One thing’s for sure, we’ll know, one way or the other, after the final bell rings on June 6.