Logan Paul blames Alex Cooper for telling the whole internet about hookup

Georgina Smith
Alex Cooper in an Instagram photo next to Logan Paul on ImpaulsiveInstagram: alexandracooper / YouTube: IMPAULSIVE Clips

YouTuber Logan Paul has claimed it was actually Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper who told “the whole internet” about the time they hooked up – not him.

On April 8, as a guest on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Alex Cooper told viewers about the time she hooked up with popular YouTuber Logan Paul.

She said that afterward she was told that he was “running his mouth around LA” describing the encounter to people, despite Alex thinking it was going to be a “secret.”

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However, in episode 276 of the Impaulsive Podcast, Logan had a slightly different version of events and said it was really Alex who revealed the story to everyone.

Logan explained that he told friend and former Too Hot to Handle contestant Harry Jowsey about the encounter, but said that Alex “construed it” to make it seem like he was “running around town telling everyone” about it.

“First off, Alex is awesome, right,” he said, “she’s a great girl. We hung out, spent some time together, she was great. The opportunity presented itself.”

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However, Logan went onto say: “My issue with it was this. She went on the podcast and said, ‘Logan Paul can’t keep a secret.’ And in my mind I’m like, dude, I told one close friend. And you just told the whole internet. And now I’m telling them again.”

The YouTuber described that he followed up with Alex after the podcast to find out what had happened, saying “I even texted her and was like, ‘hey, are we good? Did that offend- was I supposed to lock that in a vault forever?’ How can I?”

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Logan revealed that when he asked Harry about it, he claimed that that’s not what he told Alex, but by that point the crossed wires had already led to the internet finding out.

Despite the story coming out in an unexpected way, the two stars seemed relatively happy to talk about it on their respective podcasts.

Logan is currently preparing for his highly anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather, after the date was set as June 6.

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