Noah Beck gives update on James Charles’ possible return amid social media silence

Noah Beck in a YouTube video next to Instagram photo of James CharlesYouTube: Noah Beck / Instagram: jamescharles

TikToker Noah Beck gave an update to paparazzi on what’s happening with James Charles behind the scenes following grooming allegations, saying that “he’ll be back.”

In February, several minors accused beauty influencer James Charles of messaging them inappropriately, and as more accusations began to emerge, James issued an apology via a YouTube video in which he claimed he was “desperate.”

The YouTuber has refrained from posting online since then, and the only time he has resurfaced was on Twitter to announce he and makeup company Morphe would be ending their partnership.

With YouTube having demonetized all of James’ content for the time being, many have been wondering if the creator is likely to make a return to the platform.

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James Charles next to the YouTube logoJames Charles YouTube
It’s not clear how long the YouTuber will be demonetized for.

Speaking to the Hollywood Fix, TikTok star Noah Beck revealed that he believes James will be back.

“We haven’t been hanging out as much but we’re still great friends,” he said, “I’m here for him whatever he goes through. I mean, it’s part of being a friend you know.”

Noah continued by saying: “I think he’s just trying to be patient right now. I think he’s just kind of trying to wait things out because things are kind of heavy on him right now. Cause a lot of people, as soon as people start making allegations, that’s when the floodgates open and people start to make rumors. You don’t know what you can believe, especially on the internet.”

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The TikToker revealed that the scandal has had a big impact on James, explaining: “He’s not exactly in the best state of mind, and how could you be with all this stuff going on. So I think, I don’t know, I try to keep him in good spirits, but at the end of the day there’s not much I can do in this situation, except I can be there for him.”

When asked if he thinks we’ll see a return, Noah replied, “definitely,” saying, “he’s James Charles, he’ll be back.”

Noah has previously stated his loyalty to the YouTuber when asked about him by paparazzi, saying he still “loves James” amid the ongoing situation.

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