Logan and Jake Paul stay silent after accusations of father Greg Paul with underage girls

Jake and Logan Paul, and now their father, Greg Paul, have been caught up in a scandal in recent days, after a group of hackers claimed to have photo and video evidence of 54 year old Greg engaged in inappropriate activity with underage girls.

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Update: KEEMSTAR has released another video on the Greg Paul situation, further commenting on the alleged sex tape.

KEEM explained that despite Greg’s face not being visible, the headboard of the bed matches the Paul’s as seen in other videos.

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“So it probably, most likely, is Greg Paul,” said KEEMSTAR, however he also said there is no way to tell the age of the girl yet.

Original story below:

The evidence initially posted online were grainy images, with no real identifiable features, neither of Greg Paul or of the girls – it was impossible to determine who was in the images or their age.

On September 15 however, an explicit video was posted by the same hackers which they claim to be a leaked sex tape of Greg Paul. However again, no faces are shown, only voices can be heard.

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The story has been followed closely by YouTuber and host of the show “DramaAlert”, Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, who seems to believe that it is indeed Greg Paul in the video.


The hackers, who call themselves ‘Digital Gangsters’ have provided no evidence that the videos and images are in fact Greg Paul, and certainly none that the women are underage, as they originally claimed.

KEEMSTAR explains “there is not 100% proof that Greg Paul is guilty of this, but the hackers are standing by their story.”

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No one from the Paul family has spoken about the issue publicly, but as KEEMSTAR explains in his video, all three of them are dealing with various scandals.

Greg Paul was previously called out for kissing a young girl during one of the Paul brothers’ vlogs, as part of a trick where the girl was blindfolded and believed she was kissing one of the brothers – not their father.

Logan Paul’s boxing opponent, KSI, also called out Greg Paul at the London press conference before the fight, calling him “disgusting and delusional” and saying “I bet you wouldn’t mind going one round with all the little girls you like kissing”.

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