When is Shane Dawson’s documentary on Jake Paul out?

Shane Dawson has revealed that his next big documentary will be focused on the younger of the two Paul brothers, called “The Mind of Jake Paul”.

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Dawson is one of the original YouTube ‘stars’, having been on the platform since 2008, and recently his content has focused on these new ‘docu-series’, where he looks at other internet stars and scandals.

One of his recent documentaries focused on the ‘Tanacon’ debacle, and was expertly put together, showing the whole disaster from start to finish, with unseen footage included.

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Next up is Jake Paul, the YouTuber who transferred his following from the app ‘Vine’, and now has over 16 million subscribers on the video sharing website.

The documentary, entitled “The Mind of Jake Paul”, is set to be released on September 25, according to the date in Dawson’s announcement trailer.

In the trailer, Dawson says the thing he is worried about most, is that “[Jake Paul] will be mad when he finds out what the series is actually about.”

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The trailer alone has already garnered close to 6 million views, and both Shane Dawson and Jake Paul were trending on Twitter after he posted it there too.

So you can imagine, the anticipation for this documentary from fans of both YouTubers, and fans of online entertainment generally will be eager to see this.

Judging by Dawson’s previous documentaries, it may not even just be a single video. With the Tanacon situation, he made three separate videos, all around half an hour in length.

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So, September 25 may only be the release of part 1 of ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’.

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