Lizzo praises Reese Witherspoon’s ‘About Damn Time’ TikTok trend attempt

Georgina Smith
Lizzo and Reese Witherspoon dancing

Singer Lizzo has reacted to actress Reese Witherspoon recreating TikTok’s viral ‘About Damn Time’ dance video, with fans loving the interaction between the two iconic figures.

One of the things that TikTok is perhaps best known for, is its abundance of music-related trends. From the ‘Savage’ dance, to Louis Theroux’s ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ song, the platform has seen a huge number of different trends to the most viral hits.

The dance trend currently taking over the app is to the tune of new hit ‘About Damn Time’ by singer Lizzo. Lizzo has a following of her own on the app, and has been making plenty of videos sharing her new song and participating in the trends that come along with it.

On May 11, Lizzo uploaded a video to TikTok in which she corrected people on how to properly do the dance choreographed by Jaeden Gomez, a post that got over 7 million likes.

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Later in May, popular actress Reese Witherspoon decided to duet Lizzo’s video about the dance, and followed along with the star’s meticulous instructions in a post for her 8 million followers.

In the caption, she wrote, “Soooo… what you’re saying is … I’m not going on Lizzo’s tour?” and her post went on to get over 600,000 likes.

Lizzo herself loved Reese’s video, and in the comment section she wrote, “THIS IS ICONIC.”

That wasn’t all — she also went on to upload the duet to her own Instagram page, where she put several fire emojis, and added: “@reesewitherspoon u can be a big grrrl any day!”


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The clip has nearly 3 million views on Instagram alone at the time of writing.

Fans loved the unexpected crossover, with one fan writing, “I love the original and I love the duet even more.”

The ‘About Damn Time’ trend is continuing to get more popular by the day, spreading across the app at an incredible rate.

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