Lizzo absolutely loves Jojo Siwa’s 2 Be Loved TikTok that’s going viral

Sam Comrie
an image of lizzo and jojo siwa

Three time Grammy Award winner Lizzo has responded to a viral TikTok trend that includes Jojo Siwa and Joanna Noëlle ‘JoJo’ Levesque paying tribute to her song 2 Be Loved.

One of the great things about TikTok is that we can follow our favourite artists and bands. Every major artist under the sun is on there too, including the likes of Melissa ‘Lizzo’ Jefferson.

The R&B sensation has already seen tons of viral success on TikTok this year, with her song About Damn Time sweeping the platform. Now, Lizzo is making the rounds again with her single 2 Be Loved.

Jojo Siwa and JoJo Levesque have joined on the trend too and Lizzo didn’t hesitate to praise their efforts.

Lizzo declares she is “calling all Jo Jos” to TikTok amid 2 Be Loved trend

While About Dann Time is still appearing all over the FYP’s of TikTok users, Lizzo is also dominating the platform with 2 Be Loved. Former Dance Moms star and YouTuber Jojo Siwa shared her admiration for the catchy single, with a video that sees performing the “happiest dance ever.”

Alongside Siwa, actress and singer JoJo Levesque used her TikTok page to upload a cover of Lizzo’s single, impressing fans and Lizzo alike.

In a post captioned “Calling All Jo Jos”, Lizzo said “not both JoJo’s doing 2 Be Loved in the same damn day!”

“Jojo Siwa, Jo Jo Jo! Now I need all the JoJo’s to do 2 Be Loved. Joe Jonas? K-Ci & JoJo? JoJo The Dolphin? Mojo Jojo?”

After calling out a legion of JoJo’s that would make the Avengers blush, it remains to be seen whether the likes of Joe Jonas will answer the beckoning call.

We’d like to see Joe Pesci joining the this growing TikTok army, though we might be waiting a while for that collaboration.

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