What is the ‘JoJo have you learned nothing’ trend on TikTok? JoJo Siwa audio goes viral

Molly Byrne
jojo siwa

Old audio of JoJo Siwa is being used to ‘ruin’ the mute challenge in a new TikTok trend called, ‘JoJo, have you learned nothing.’ Here’s everything you need to know about the fad.

In a video that went viral in 2023, singer and Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa was driving in the car while singing Olivia Rodrigo’s song ‘Traitor’ off of her 2021 album ‘SOUR.’

“But you’re still, you’re still a traitor… yeah, you’re still a traitor,” she belted out in an off-pitch voice.

Audio from the clip has since gone viral in TikTok’s ‘JoJo, have you learned nothing’ trend, where TikTokers use the sound of her singing and play it during a quiet moment in their video. 

The trend is intended to ruin the “mute challenge” that was created by Beyoncé. While performing her song ‘Energy,’ the crowd is expected to keep quiet during a specific verse.

In one viral TikTok made by Adrian Sais, they created a video of Olivia Rodrigo performing the mute challenge. During the silent part, Adrian played the viral JoJo Siwa audio.

They also wrote a description for the video, “That one-time JoJo Siwa ruined the mute challenge at the Guts world tour.”

In another TikTok poking fun at JoJo, user ‘danieleffer’ said they “love the trend” and used the audio in a video of artist Madison Beer performing the mute challenge in front of a large crowd.

In some viral TikToks, posters used the JoJo Siwa audio in a video without using the mute challenge.

TikToker ‘wehsdramaclub’ played the audio over a scene in their high school play. “Flashback to when JoJo saw our HS production of Mama Mia and tried to steal the spotlight,” they wrote.

The ‘JoJo have you learned nothing’ trend isn’t the only reason she has recently gone viral. In June, she upset fans when she touched herself inappropriately during a Pride performance.

She also faced backlash for her ‘Karma’ choreography, as some fans called her dance the “worst” in history.

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