Liver King vows to go “natty” after lying about steroid usage

Dylan Horetski
Liver KingYouTube: Flagrant

Brian ‘Liver King’ Johnson has told Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast that he’s working with a team of experts to officially go “natty” after he was exposed for using steroids.

On November 30, the Liver King was exposed for using steroids after a leaked email showed his current cycle of body enhancement drugs.

Despite claiming his physique was all-natural, the influencer confirmed his steroid use in an apology video just days later where he openly admits that he lied.

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During a recent appearance on Andrew Schulz‘s Flagrant podcast, the Liver King confirmed that he’s going “natty” and working towards getting off of steroids.

Liver King says he’s going natty after being exposed for steroid use

During the episode, Flagrant co-host Akaash Singh asked the Liver King whether he would be willing to quit using steroids despite any possible negative effects it may have on his physique.

“I believe so deeply in the nine ancestral tenets and the ancestral living, to answer your question yes. I’m done with that… I f**ked this whole thing up. I’ve learned from this. I’m not doing this again,” he explained.

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“There are so many silver linings to this, you know how good it’ll be for my health?”

(Topic starts at 40:30 in the video)

He went on to explain that he won’t be able to immediately go off of his steroids, and is working with a group of experts to safely lower his doses until he eventually is done with them completely.

Instead of enhancement drugs, the Liver King is going to stick with following the nine “ancestral tenets,” which consist of various things like sleeping on the ground, eating raw meat, not wearing shoes, and more.

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