Liver King promises to “tell all” after steroid use exposed

liverking steroidsInstagram: Liverking

After being exposed for using steroids, social media star Liver King promises to come clean and publicly share the details of what exactly happened.

The fitness industry is full of gurus who claim to be ‘natty’ — natural. Though many use performance enhancers, the “all-natural” fitness label helps the influencers market whatever image or product they are attempting to sell.

On November 30, popular Instagram fitness coach Brian Johnson, also known as the Liver King, was exposed for supposedly taking steroids. A leaked email showed his current cycle of fitness enhancement drugs, totaling over $10,000 worth of anabolic steroids per month.

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The news took the world by storm, with many claiming it’d be more of a surprise if the massive body builder didn’t take steroids.

The day after the news revealed, the Liver King emailed the Daily Dot with intent to openly discuss the incident.

In the email, the Liver King wrote “In a weird way, I’m grateful for the recent events that have shed light on this complicated-as-f**k topic.”

According to the Daily Dot, he wants a platform or podcast to “openly discuss this opportunity — to be better.”

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“I couldn’t be more grateful for some of the guys sitting on the couch making reaction videos, surfacing new information that’s going to lead to some god-damn good discussions,” he said in the email to Daily Dot.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Liver King at this moment.

The future conversation, where he openly discusses performance enhancement drugs, could become a watershed moment for the fitness industry. But this could very well impact his business model and product sales.

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Despite reportedly emailing the Daily Dot with intent to openly discuss the incident, Liver King may still choose to continue denying the allegations, as many other fitness gurus have done in the past.

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