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LIRIK gifts $500 to AGDQ as punishment for being late to his own stream

Published: 6/Jan/2020 22:34

by Eli Becht


Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid punished himself for being late to his stream by donating 100 subscriptions to the Awesome Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a time when video game speedrunners get together and show off their talents in a certain games, while also raising a lot of money for charity.

Many streamers like to donate to the event as the money goes towards a good cause, and they get to see some of the best players in the world speedrun a certain title.

LIRIK/TwitchLIRIK had a lot of gifted subs to give away.

What makes this event even more exciting to watch is you never know exactly what game you’re going to see as it can be anything from Sonic and Knuckles, to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace speedruns.


LIRIK, who may or may not have been watching AGDQ before his stream, ended up being six minutes late to his own. As a punishment for this, he decided to gift 60 subs to the charity, but decided to bump it up to 100 gifted subs instead.

“60 gifted subs to GDQ for six minutes late,” he said before deciding to bump it up. “I like that idea, I like it, let’s make it 100.”

That’s certainly quite the nice gesture as 100 gifted subs would equal $500 out of his own pocket, provided they are all Tier 1 subscriptions.

Considering the size of LIRIK’s channel, he’ll likely make all of his money back in the course of one broadcast, but it’s still extremely generous for him to do what he did.


Lirik, Twitter

Despite that, $500 is a good chunk of cash so if he wants to keep his bank account full, he’ll be sure to make sure he’s on time to the rest of his streams in the future.

In the meantime, you can donate to the stream yourself just by visiting the website and clicking the donation button. Make sure you have the stream open as well as you can even get a message you send read out loud.

All of the money donated will be going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation, so if that’s something you’re passionate about, you might want to consider a donation of some sort.


This isn’t the only charity raising money for a good cause either. As you may know, Australia is currently ablaze and many streamers are stepping in to help in some way. The Click Crew managed to raise $300k AUD in an effort to help the country.

There are plenty of charitable options out there for people as we enter 2020, so perhaps you can throw a buck or two towards one of these causes.