Imaqtpie gets crazy luck in CSGO case opening but still left disappointed


Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘imaqtpie’ Santana received some incredible case opening luck in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as he went in search of a gift for his girlfriend.

Anyone who has played even a few hours of CS:GO will know that it’s pretty hard to resist opening at least one case or capsule in pursuit of skins or stickers. It’s become big business in the multiplayer game, with players able to show off their incredibly valuable skins during matches and wowing fellow competitors who haven’t got their hands on them yet.

Yet, it’s not just weapon skins or knives that can be found in their cases. Players can also uncover a set of gloves to give their character an extra level of customization.

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Imaqtpie is most renowned for his LoL skills than CS:GO.

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During his December 26 stream, imaqtpie, who is more known for his success in League of Legends, hit up the popular Valve shooter and went looking for some gloves for his girlfriend Lisha. 

“Ok, I’ve got to get Lisha a pair of gloves,” he told his chat as soon as he twisted the key and opened the case. Within moments, the game had concluded its spin around the contents of the case and landed right on what the streamer had wanted. 

There were no wild celebrations, though, instead, the former Team Dignitas bot laner just nodded his head and seemed pretty pleased with his work.

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Yet, when he inspected the gloves that he had actually unboxed, he wasn’t sure that they would be wholly suitable. “God really? These are like the most not feminine gloves imaginable – they’re well worn, god damn it,” he said, before being surprised by their actually lofty price tag – around $150.

After telling his girlfriend that he had gotten her a “gift,” the streamer turned his back to the gloves in question. “I was opening gloves to get Lish a gift, you think a woman wants these?” he asked his viewers.

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Even though they may not have been the most stellar of hand protectors, the unboxing was ultimately a huge success for imaqtpie – especially after calling his shot.

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Who knows, maybe next time he’ll translate his luck into grabbing a Dragon Lore or an Asiimov. With his luck, the possibilities are endless.