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LIRIK blows his own mind with insane CSGO AWP play

Published: 7/Jan/2020 16:44

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid left himself completely mind blown when he took on the mantel of the AWP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and completely wrecked house.

Twitch is home to plenty of popular variety streamers but there may be no bigger or more popular than LIRIK. The American has been livestreaming since 2011, amassing over 2.5 million followers in that time.

He can be found playing anything and everything but most recently he’s been diving into Valve’s CS:GO. Like for anyone, the game has a learning curve and you’ll get wrecked by enemies until you finally put the hours. Yet, for Lirik, he was able to muster up all of his gaming powers and deliver a swift and impressive killstreak with both the AWP and the Desert Eagle.

The AWP is CS:GO’s big damage dealer and is wielded by some of the best players.

During his January 6 broadcast, the popular streamer had been trying his hand at the popular shooter once again when, during his first match, he exploded with a professional-level highlight.

With the game coming to a close, LIRIK quickly eliminated a counter-terrorist foe with a wallbang headshot through the iconic mid-double doors. He added another quick kill when a further player tried to rush out of middle and into lower tunnels. 

From there, he took things up a notch. The streamer joined his team on Catwalk, saving one teammate with an insane no-scope headshot. While he was still in disbelief at that, LIRIK turned his attention to an enemy behind him – waiting to deliver a killer one-tap with his trusty sidearm.

Even though he was the one wielding the weapons, LIRIK couldn’t actually believe what he had just done. “Clip that sh*t!” he called out to his viewers. “Bro, holy sh*t man, what the f**k was that. I need to see that in slow-mo.”

It looks like all those hours in CS:GO have been paying off for the streamer and who knows what ridiculous highlight we’ll see from him next time.


Nivera: It’ll take more than a CSGO Major to surpass my brother ScreaM

Published: 23/Nov/2020 21:12 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 13:01

by Marco Rizzo


Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom has a lot to live up to. His brother, Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom, was a CS:GO legend… But his blockbuster debut with Team Vitality at BLAST Premier Fall, alongside his IEM Beijing win, has catapulted the Belgian super-sub into the spotlight. 
In an interview with Dexerto following his Beijing triumph, Nivera told us that the hard work starts here if he’s going to leave a legacy like his brother. He also told us more about his role in his new team and looked back at his early performances with Vitality.

Brought in as the sixth member of an already established Team Vitality roster, Nivera is surrounded by some of the biggest names in French Counter-Strike.

But aside from having to live up to the high standards set by his teammates, the 19-year-old has to handle the pressures of living up to his brother’s reputation.

ScreaM_ (Twitter)
ScreaM rubbed shoulders with CS:GO’s elite, but has since moved onto Valorant in pursuit of Major glory.

Nivera: Stepping away from ScreaM’s shadow

Despite never earning a podium finish at a CS:GO Major, ScreaM’s name is firmly cemented in Counter-Strike’s hall of fame. While Nivera certainly has big shoes to fill, the Vitality hotshot believes that he can certainly follow in his brother’s footsteps. “It’s my dream to replicate his career, you know? I’ll give it my best and I’m pretty sure I’ll have no regrets.”

But with that said, Nivera remained candidly humble when pressed on what it will take to surpass his brother’s legacy. “Even if I win a Major, it will not be enough… My brother did a lot of things in this game and I have to work really hard.”



Nivera on becoming Vitality’s super sub

Nivera finished IEM Beijing as the third highest rated player of the event — falling short to fellow teammate, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut and Na’Vi’s Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev.

As Vitality’s sixth man, he has become their resident Inferno & Dust 2 specialist… Even pushing ZywOo aside when it comes to AWP duties. “If I want to take the AWP, I take it… I’m the main sniper!”

Nivera was Vitality’s highest rated player in the series (albeit only playing two maps), after posting a 87.1 Average Damage per Round and a 45-31 kill-to-death ratio.

So was the youngster the key ZywOo and co. finally overcoming their Grand Final jitters? Well, the pressure certainly didn’t affect him. “I didn’t feel a lot of pressure, honestly… I just give everything, I stay focused on the game — I just give my best and give everything for the team.”

IEM Beijing was Team Vitality’s fifth Grand Final appearance in as many months, but the first for their super sub. And as fate would have it, the French squad finally overcame their second-place curse and secure their first event win of the year.

Was Nivera the difference maker? Well he certainly adds a fresh dynamic to the roster in a best-of-five series. Team Coach, Rémy ‘XTQZZZ’ Quoniam, can utilize their latest signing to make it more difficult for prying eyes to strategize against them. But one thing’s for certain, only time will tell if Nivera can carry the Benrlitom torch in CS:GO.