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Lilypichu reveals key thing she’d change after SleightlyMusical breakup

Published: 16/Jan/2020 3:40

by Isaac McIntyre


Months after Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki’s high-profile breakup with SleightlyMusical following his admission of infidelity, the Twitch star has revealed there’s one thing she’d change if she had her time again.

OfflineTV fans and the internet community alike became embroiled in the very public split between the two Twitch stars, which spilled onto social media after a series of subtweets from Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan.

Soon after, on November 11, LilyPichu seemed to at least partially confirm the rumors. Two days later, Albert Chang admitted he had been unfaithful to his then-girlfriend, and the news exploded across the internet.


LilyPichu and Albert Chang in a field
Instagram: Albert Chang
Lily and Albert were together for two years before their public breakup last November.

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According to the Twitch star, however, the original subtweets, and both parties commenting on the issue for their fans, created a whirlwind of public attention. Everyone wanted to know what had happened behind the scenes.

It was this interest, and the huge backlash Chang and Sarah ‘AvocadoPeeled’ Lee suffered soon after, that Lilypichu admits she regrets the most.

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“It was super public, everyone heard about it, even my parents… there were tons of videos and threads about it, people were messaging me asking about it, and it all just became so overwhelming,” she revealed to Dr. Kanojia on HealthyGamer.


“[The attention] was because we were a very public couple – a pseudo-celebrity, though I don’t really like that word – and because we were a public couple, he was in all my content, and we did music together, and collaborated together.”

Sarah Lee and Albert Chang playing music studio
YouTube: SleightlyMusical
Chang and Sarah Lee came under fire soon after the news began to spill out onto social media.

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Lily revealed she first found out her boyfriend had been seeing Lee behind her back when the OfflineTV crew was holidaying in Japan. Because she was away from home, she released a simple statement and tried to deal with it privately.

The news exploded. Without any key figures weighing in beyond written statements, and short snippets of information in tweets, Lily’s community quickly turned on Albert, flooding his Instagram and Twitter with hateful messages.


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“If there’s one thing I could change about the breakup, it would be trying to make it more private, and break up nicely,” the Twitch star said.

“Instead, everyone knows about it, and I feel bad because he also got a lot of hate. I don’t think anyone deserves that amount of hate, even if we broke up… I didn’t want it to blow up, and I feel bad about that.”

Now, two months down the line, Lily is still dealing with ways to try and “move on” from the drama, and publicly losing her boyfriend of two years.


“I feel really sad, still,” she added. I’m sad because I wish it didn’t happen, and I wish things could just go back to normal, but I know it’s never going to be like that again. There are days where I’m like “okay, I’m good,” but some days it just hurts.”

Chang has yet to address his actions beyond his November 13 statement. He has not posted on Twitter or Instagram in the past 15 weeks, and his last YouTube upload, ’10 Years of League of Legends Music,’ was posted on October 31.