NELK prank Tiktokkers Bryce Hall & Tayler Holder with fake police arrest

Published: 12/May/2020 14:23

by Jacob Hale


The NELK Boys have become infamous for their pranks on friends and the unsuspecting public, as well as their raucous partying ways. But now they’ve combined the two, pranking TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder with fake police arresting them at a party, with the pair literally ending up in handcuffs.

This isn’t the first time NELK – led by Canadian duo Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Forgeard – have played a prank on the stars, after using actors to terrify Hall in a shopping mall back in February 2020.

Now, they’ve upped the ante, and employed policemen to appear at the group’s Texas house party after allegations of underage guests drinking alcohol at the party, leading to potential arrests for the stars.

Instagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys have built a huge following thanks to their YouTube content, with almost 5m subscribers.

The entire ordeal was thoroughly planned out by NELK, who employed people they knew to act as if they were highly intoxicated, with another coming out to report to the group that she – after passing out and throwing up – was actually only 17 years old.

Forgeard played up the act a bit, saying that if there are underage girls drinking at the TikTokkers’ party, it’s on their heads and is a “really bad look” and, before long the cops showed up after being mic’d up by NELK’s entourage.

While Holder initially tried to resist, telling the police they couldn’t enter without a warrant, Hall, who had been let in on it, let them in, and before long Holder was being told he was going to get arrested and go to jail.

(Timestamp 18:55 for mobile viewers)

Obviously there was never really any underage drinking or arrests happening, and the police officer revealed that it was a prank in the best way possible, asking Holder two questions, the second being whether he could “renegade” (a song popularized on TikTok with a corresponding dance).

Everybody burst out laughing after the reveal, including Holder himself, who added that he will “beat the f**k out of all y’all.”

Naturally, the party continued afterward, and everybody seemed pretty unfazed by the events – in fact, it might have improved their party mood even further once all was said and done.


TikToker Giulia Amato calls out fans over constant Addison Rae comparisons

Published: 16/Jan/2021 22:09

by Charlotte Colombo


TikTok star Giulia Amato has hit out at fans on TikTok for constantly comparing her to Addison Rae and other influencers, claiming that it feels like she has been “given a different identity.”

Since launching her channel in April 2019, 17-year-old Giulia Amato has made a name for herself on TikTok. As well as having an impressive 1.8 million followers, her content — which includes dances, lip-syncing and POVs — has helped her amass nearly 55 million likes on the app.

However, with many fans noticing Amato’s striking resemblance to TikTok superstar Addison Rae, her comments are often flooded with comparisons, and she’s faced accusations of copying Rae in the past.

For example, in October, Amato was accused of “copying” Addison Rae after dying her hair back to its natural brunette color shortly after Rae dyed her own hair brown.

In this TikTok, it is clear that Amato has had enough of the comparisons. She captioned the clip, “my name is Giulia Amato and I don’t want to be compared to other people everyday.”

Clearly referencing the Addison Rae comparisons, Amato continued: “So by now, you guys all know who I’m compared to. I don’t want to say her name because I don’t want it to look like I’m using her name to get clout for this video, but you guys know who I’m talking about.”

She elaborated even further: “My videos were, at first, filled with a lot of hate, with a lot of people comparing us, and that I can handle.”

“But I feel like it’s become a trend t0 give me different identities.”

Instagram: Addison Rae
Amato said in the TikTok that she finds herself being constantly compared to Addison Rae, who is currently starring in a remake of the movie ‘She’s All That.’

Noting how she’s recently been compared to a “mix” of Rae and “two or four” other high-profile TikTok stars, Amato asserted in the video that, contrary to accusations in the comments, she has never had cosmetic surgery or other treatments done to her face.

Sympathizing with Amato’s frustrations, fans on Instagram showed their support. One user said in a comment that got over 4,000 likes that “they are both gorgeous,” while another user said that fans should stop comparing because “we are all beautiful and have our own blessings, so no need to be jealous of each other.”

It appears that Amato has since deleted the TikTok from her account.