KSI teases revenge against Floyd Mayweather after “infuriating” Deji boxing match

Virginia Glaze
KSI infuriated by Floyd Mayweather vs Deji boxing matchYouTube: The Pivot Podcast, JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI says Deji’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather was “infuriating,” and even teased some beef between himself and the 50-0 champ.

On November 13, popular YouTuber Deji stepped into the boxing ring with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather… and it didn’t end well for the influencer.

After six rounds, the ref called off the match, awarding Mayweather the victory by TKO after what many considered to be a less than impressive showing from Deji.

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While Deji held the L, he also claimed that Mayweather asked for some last-minute changes to their bout, saying he wanted to fight with 10 oz gloves instead of 14 the day of the fight — but Deji also noted that he managed to give his opponent a black eye in the process.

Despite this little victory, Deji’s big bro, KSI, wasn’t at all happy with his little brother’s performance… but he also wasn’t jazzed about Mayweather’s attitude during the fight, either.

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KSI slams Deji’s “infuriating” boxing match against Floyd Mayweather

KSI spoke out on the viral exhibition match during a November 17 YouTube video, where he called the fight “infuriating” and said he wished he were the one giving Mayweather what for.

“He got beat up for six rounds,” KSI said of Deji’s fight. “I think for me, I hated it, because I just don’t want to see my brother get beat up like that. It just pissed me off. I wanted to get in that ring and f**k Floyd up.”

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“It’s the same situation with Alex Wassabi and Deji. It was just infuriating to see Deji just losing to someone I know he could beat. I know a lot of you are gonna be like, ‘There’s no way that Deji could beat Mayweather,’ but yeah, I feel like I could beat Mayweather.”

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He went on to slam Mayweather, calling the undefeated boxing champ “disrespectful” for how he handled his less experienced opponent.

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“Floyd was just having too much fun with him, man,” he continued. “Floyd was just doing pads during the break of the second or third round. He was just taking the piss, man. It was just too much. It was borderline disrespectful.”

KSI isn’t the only high-profile YouTube-boxer taking issue with how Floyd performed in the ring over the weekend; even Logan Paul lashed out at the ‘Pretty Boy,’ calling his exhibition match against Deji “legalized bank robbery.”

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