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KSI teases mysterious video about YouTube rival Logan Paul

Published: 21/Dec/2018 0:44 Updated: 21/Dec/2018 0:49

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji teased an upcoming video over social media star and boxing opponent Logan Paul in a mysterious Tweet on December 20.

KSI mentioned a possible video concerning his arch-nemesis in a list of other upcoming video concepts, which included the likes of “reacting to African movies” and “how many bandanas can I fit on my head?”

“Anything else?” KSI wrote above a screenshot of his list, which also included what was called “Red Alert music video” – possibly hinting at yet another upcoming track from the YouTuber following his latest ‘Beerus’ music video.

While no other details were given concerning the video about Paul, it isn’t out of the question to speculate that it might be a diss track, especially considering that the date for their rematch is set to take place in Spring of 2019.


KSI would have a lot to hit back at, as Paul claimed that KSI had broken the terms of their rematch contract during his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on November 28.

“He already broke the contract, by the way,” Paul stated, after claiming that KSI would “bitch out” of their upcoming fight. “We’re supposed to fight in February, and he’s refusing to.”

Paul also made light of KSI’s ongoing feud with his younger brother Deji, even inviting him onto his podcast to air out their beef. Despite wishing them well on-camera, Paul went on to throw shade at their grudge in a string of Tweets with his own little brother, Jake Paul.