Logan and Jake Paul throw major shade at the Deji vs KSI beef - Dexerto

Logan and Jake Paul throw major shade at the Deji vs KSI beef

Published: 9/Dec/2018 19:45 Updated: 9/Dec/2018 19:48

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube brothers Deji and KSI Olatunji are in the midst of a bitter feud, after Deji leaked KSI’s bank records during a diss track. Now, the two are barely on speaking terms – and another YouTube family empire is weighing in on the drama.

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YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul are now throwing shade at the KSI and Deji’s beef, as evidenced by a series of Tweets the two posted on December 8. YouTuber Tanner Fox admitted that he’s been loving Logan Paul’s new ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, to which YouTuber and ‘No Jumper’ podcast host Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison agreed.


Paul reached out in the hopes of hosting an episode with the popular YouTubers, to which Jake Paul claimed that he “knew them first,” as if trying to get in on the action.

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Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem chimed in on the playful banter, asking if Logan and Jake Paul were now feuding à la KSI and Deji.

“You two brothers going to starting fighting now too?” KEEM asked. “Yeah, please start before Xmas. #HighAdRev”

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Logan took the joking in good spirits and appeared to diss the Deji vs KSI squabble, replying with, “Yeah sure, fuck you, Jake.”


Jake took the shade even further, responding with a reference to Deji’s scathing diss track against KSI. “Hey man… not cool,” he wrote. “Dropping a diss track tomorrow.”

Logan Paul’s shady response to the feud comes as a surprise, as he claimed that he wanted Deji and KSI to settle their beef during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on December 6. 

While Logan cited his previous estrangement from Jake as evidence of his goodwill, it looks like his own grudge against KSI is taking precedence for the time being.