KSI reveals reason behind shock YouTube ban: “I crossed a line…”

KSI explains YouTube banYouTube: JJ Olatunji

British YouTube star KSI is not known for slacking on his regular uploads, but fans were confused when the influencer revealed he’d been prevented from releasing content — an anomaly that he has now explained.

KSI is a prominent internet personality and music artist. Having released original songs alongside names like Rick Ross and Lil Baby, as well as being part of massively popular YouTube group The Sidemen, KSI has managed to amass quite a following across multiple online platforms.

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While his musical career is nothing to sniff at, KSI has never neglected his YouTube roots, and uploads several times a week on his secondary channel. Many of these videos are “try not to laugh” challenges or “reaction videos,” where KSI will react to memes and news posted to his public Reddit page.

It was in one of these “try not to laugh” videos that KSI included some content that YouTube deemed inappropriate, as told by the star in a March 3 upload after being banned from posting for a full week.

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After seven days of inactivity, KSI returned to YouTube with two prior uploads before explaining the matter, stating that his “Try not to laugh: Indian Edition” video had included an alleged instance of “child endangerment.”

“So, one of my videos — a ‘try not to laugh,’ the Indian edition — had, uh, ‘child endangerment,’” he explained. “I think that’s a new thing in the YouTube TOS, but basically, I crossed that line, and they said naw ****, get outta here!”

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“So I got banished for a week, but I’m back! I’m back, and I now no, no child can be endangered, okay!” he laughed. “So guys, we’re doing a Reddit video, please — can we not have any child being endangered on my Reddit.”

Thus far, it seems like his fanbase is taking the surprising ban in stride, making jokes all the while — especially after he showed a meme of Jake Paul crying.

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For now, it seems that he’s been made well aware of YouTube’s terms, and will hopefully avoid any future bans for similar reasons.

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